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  1. Dr Beshay’s weight loss program is the best. I have lost 30 pounds in one month. I have tried all other programs and failed. This one is really easy and very affordable. Dr. Beshay thank you for saving my life !!!!

  2. I have lost another 5 pounds in one week. My family and friends cannot stop talking how great I look. I feel and look like a new person. At age 49 I was feeling very bad about myself. But now I have more energy and feel proud of myself !!!! Thank you Dr. Beshay.

    1. You said you lost 30 pounds in one month, and that was on August 23, 2012, and now on August 27, 2012 , you say that you lost 5 pounds in one week. How come?

  3. Dr. Beshay’s weight loss plan really worked! I have lost a dramatic amount of weight and feel great! I keep getting told that I look thinner every time my close family and friends see me. I would recommend this to anyone! I feel a lot more confident and am proud that I have accomplished half of my weight loss goal!

  4. Upon my relocation to California, I joined the medical practice for Dr. Isaac Beshay. I had reached the point I was 360 pounds and having mobility issues. Through a regular doctor’s supervised diet, exercise program, nutrition guidance, support and encouragement, I started my journey of health and wellness. Dr. Beshay walked through the entire journey with me. My goal was to have weight loss surgery, but, I was not even in a safe enough place to do that. Dr. Beshay helped me peel through so many layers and get to the place I needed to be to have the operation done. Through my hard work, a great doctor who really cared, and a great program, I have now lost 191 pounds. I feel the best ever in my adult life. I have a list of I can’s… and I have done.. And no more I cant’s! I have a new chance at life. I still maintain a monthly check in with Dr. Beshay as he is a big part of my successful life change. Seeing the smile on his face when I walk in says it all. I know he’s pleased. So… If you find yourself wanting to take off some extra weight, Dr. Beshay will be glad to work with you. And when you see him.. Ask him about Caren .. 🙂 I would love to share my story with you. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! YOU’RE WORTH THE EFFORT.

  5. Went to see Dr. Isaac Beshay yesterday, I had no appointment,,I did call and when I told what was wrong, they got me in,1st. patient of the day the girls in the front office “double booked” me, they are like excellent, it’s like they have a routine an always pleasant, and efficient. The good doctor went down the list I brought with me of things wrong with me, and has put in a request for a MRI & a Psychologist, which takes less than a week for approval. I keep falling down ,hurting myself. Most recent was a broken are with the only way to fix it was a metal plate, AND gave me samples of female Viagra,
    ( I am a 57 yrs old newlywed ) with “zero urges” we discussed this, the topic was so personal, but his professional manner put me to rest, I can ask Dr. Beshay anything, I am very comfortable speaking about anything with him. He is so passionate about being a Doctor, and it shows by the way he listens, using his knowledge to have kept me well for over 10 years, even showed interest & provided me with this new daily pill that has my new husband, and me delighted with the prescription, that I did not even know there was a pill for after menopause, we have never been happier. Its usually a male issue, but in my case, it was ME ! Married sex is very important, the only thing missing from a perfect marriage was sex hurts after menopause, NOW, this daily pill, ( with no side effects) has made me feel like I am 35 not 57 !! As far as the bad reviews, Dr.Beshay has done nothing wrong, before you Nay Sayers, after reading all the negative reviews, they all have at least one thing in common, a lousy life. Instead of attacking the good Doc.,so much easier to put the blame on him, instead of dealing with your real issues,so bitter ALL of you! I hope I will be fortunate to have him for many years to come.

  6. ” Simply Put “, from all the Doctor’s (M.D.’s),
    that I have been seeing, from Dallas, Tx.,to
    Corona Del Mar, Ca.,Dr.Beshay has shown,
    to have, ” The best balance, between,
    ” having an amazing “, ” Bed-Side-Manner “,
    & his ability, to ” accurately diagnose “,
    your condition, & then, just as accurately,
    ” establish “, a ” plan-of-attack “, for
    your treatment, & is able, to get ” that “,
    ” perfectly-right “, the first time around !!
    Bottom-Line, ” this Doctor is amazing ” !!

  7. Dr beshay is really a expert on this weight loss program .I was weighing 169 pounds and he managed go make me lose weight and be down to 155 pounds in two months. If you really want to lose weight in a fast and healthy way I highly recommend dr issac beshay he will do everything in his will to make u lose the way and tell you exactly what you need to do and eat to lose the weight .

  8. Best of Doctors.
    Would not trust any other, from proper treatment, medications, specialist referrals very much one of the finest doctors.
    I am in this area just because of dr. Beshay I don’t trust anyone else he saved my life and improve my quality of life greatly. He is like family
    Steven D. Smith

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